Balancing speed of action with risk to meet climate challenges

Cameron will be leading a Deep Dive discussion on “Balancing speed of action with risk to meet climate challenges" at 11:00 on Wednesday 13 October, exploring key issues such as:

  • How do we maintain the speed necessary for the energy transition to tackle Climate Change while mitigating risk?
  • Can our sector do more to share experience and promote best practice?
  • What challenges are slowing speed of action?
  • How will new collaborations change our approaches to project risk management?

Speaker profile

With over 35 years’ experience in engineering solutions for critical infrastructure within the UK and across Europe, Cameron Welsh is passionate about the energy transition having worked on projects for Smart Grids and Networks, Renewable Generation Development and PPA and Energy Trading.

Cameron is ESB International’s UK Business Development Manager focused on helping ESBI’s with Strategic Advisory and Engineering Design and Services within power generation and energy networks.

Spanning a career in Radar Systems, Process Engineering, Data Centres and Energy Networks, Cameron’s broad experience and solution orientated makes him an excellent advocate to help clients achieve their strategic goals through shared enthusiasm and pragmatism.

Why Attend The Summit?

The Summit is the only event of its kind, designed to bring together energy network innovators and decision makers from across the UK. You’ll hear from top speakers in the industry and be able to meet your peers as well as visit an exhibition hall packed with companies offering cutting edge solutions.

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