Poster: H100 Fife

Dayna will be sharing a poster on H100 Fife, a major project that is seeking to deliver a ‘first of a kind’ demonstration of a 100% hydrogen network, initially supplying 300 domestic customers in Fife. This NIC project will comprise of an end to end system, to include power generation, hydrogen production, storage, pressure reduction, odorisation, distribution and customer connections to serve domestic hydrogen meters and appliances. H100 Fife will construct a new PE hydrogen network to run in parallel to the existing natural gas network. This is a key feature of the project that offers the opportunity for customers to opt-in and be connected to the hydrogen network or remain with their existing natural gas supply. By promoting and maintaining customer choice, critical information on customer attitudes and interest towards hydrogen can be measured, providing evidence on public acceptance of hydrogen.

Poster author profile

Dayna Seay is a project officer working on the H100 Fife project. With a background in environmental science, Dayna values being involved in SGN’s commitment to green the gas. Within Dayna’s 6 years at SGN, her work has focused on biomethane connections to the gas grid, hydrogen research and development and is currently working with the H100 Fife team to construct and operate a first of a kind 100% hydrogen demonstration.

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