Building evidence to deliver hydrogen, 12 October

Neil will be joining other hydrogen thought leaders on a panel discussion examining how networks will build the evidence for hydrogen, looking at:

  • How network innovation is contributing to the evidence for the role of hydrogen in a net zero energy system
  • How much hydrogen can we safely blend into Britain’s gas networks? What are the next steps in developing the safety case for blending hydrogen?
  • Which refurbishments are required of our existing infrastructure to enable the safe transportation of 100% hydrogen?
  • What commercial framework considerations are needed to allow the transport of H2 in the gas networks?

Speaker profile

Neil Rowley is the Market Strategy Manager at National Grid and is responsible for leading the Gas Market Plan programme. Interacting with the gas industry, the programme seeks to answer questions around on how the gas market should evolve over the next 10 years as we transition away from natural gas, towards low carbon and renewable gases, supporting the net zero energy system.

Neil has worked in the gas and electricity industry for 20 years undertaking a variety of roles from for example, developing and contracting balancing services for electricity system operator, to leading a team of energy future modellers on the possible gas supply and demand scenarios as part of National Grid’s annual Future Energy Scenarios.

Why Attend The Summit?

The Summit is the only event of its kind, designed to bring together energy network innovators and decision makers from across the UK. You’ll hear from top speakers in the industry and be able to meet your peers as well as visit an exhibition hall packed with companies offering cutting edge solutions.

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