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Entrust EV Technology Ltd

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Highest efficiency, lowest cost and most reliable microgrid systems with renewable energy and energy storage!

Entrust Microgrid

We are global leaders in smart microgrid systems for homes and commercial buildings, with all the benefits of solar PV power and energy storage at maximum power efficiency, cutting energy bills, saving money and providing truly scalable low carbon energy solutions!

Why Entrust Microgrid?

  • Smart microgrid systems for the built environment from domestic homes to large buildings and communities, including solar PV, battery storage, hybrid inverter or PCS (power conversion system), EV charger or EV charging hub
  • Microgrid systems for both on-grid and off-grid operation
  • Highest power efficiency for solar PV and battery storage
  • Lowest grid connection capacity required for solar PV, battery storage and EV charger combined
  • Lowest system cost
  • Allow very high penetration of renewable power (solar PV and wind power) with existing grid infrastructure
  • Virtual power plant providing the grid with highest flexibility, e.g. balancing the grid and aggregated frequency support
  • Maximize benefits for end-users and operators through
    • ~100% self consumption of solar PV power and stored energy
    • minimizing peak-time grid power consumption
    • significantly reducing peak power capacity
    • participating electricity market through aggregation