Steer Energy

Exhibiting at Innovation hub

Steer Energy is a technology catalyst company that provides novel products and services across a range of diverse specialities and disciplines.

Steer Energy was set up to help new technologies develop from concept through to commercial use, focused on the ‘innovator’ and ‘early adopter’ end user.

It identifies, develops and deploys ideas, products and services from the lab into the field offering new, alternative and more productive ways of working. The work may be purely providing technical assistance, or finding the right applications for technology, or projects that encompassing the whole development lifecycle.

It does this with the back up of a multi-disciplined technology development community of established and emerging specialist technology companies, universities, service providers and consultants working across disciplines and beyond the energy sector. These wide ranging skill-sets and expertise mean that stronger technical solutions can be found from outwith the normal, and thereby creating market opportunities for their clients.

Its clients range from micro-SME’s to International Energy Operators.