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UK Power Networks

Exhibiting at M9

UK Power Networks has a clear public purpose, to safely and reliably deliver electricity to our customers in London, the south east and east of England. We strive to be the best performing distribution network operator (DNO), supported by our vision to be an employer of choice, a respected and trusted corporate citizen, and to do so in a sustainable, cost-efficient way. Our vision is informed by the world we live in and the regular and personal engagement we have with our stakeholders that, in turn, informs and shapes our strategy.

We have a critical role at the heart of the future energy landscape, enabling the transition to the net zero carbon economy and enabling all our stakeholders to benefit from better safety, reliability and cost efficiencies as we innovate and invest to deliver a sustainable energy future for all.

Innovation is at the heart of UK Power Networks. Our openness to new and better ways of working is the driving force behind our success in continuing to deliver outstanding service for our customers year after year in a landscape that is changing at dizzying speed. The commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 means that we must continually seek and find ever more innovative solutions to meet and balance the world’s twin demands for more power and lower carbon emissions.