Western Power Distribution

Exhibiting at M2

The way that we approach innovation is fundamental to delivering improvements to the way we deliver our services to customers.

Western Power Distribution is the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) responsible for electricity distribution in the Midlands, South West and Wales. As the DNO covering these four licence areas, we are responsible for keeping the lights on, maintaining the equipment in our distribution network, fixing any faults and connecting customers to the network. We deliver electricity to over 7.9 million customers over a 55,500 square kilometre service area. This electricity is distributed over 220,000 kilometres of overhead lines and underground cables.

  • Our network changes rapidly and now has an increasing number of low carbon technologies connected to it, including renewable generation. Through our innovation work, we are adapting to these rapid changes in our network by developing novel ways of operating our assets, trialling smart technologies, and continuously providing more flexible solutions that are better, cheaper or quicker than the current ways of doing things.
  • Everything we do in innovation revolves around our key values of decarbonisation, excellence and value for money. We are passionate about contributing to decarbonisation and overcoming the barriers to the energy transition and we aim to be providing the best value for money we can through every project we deliver. We strive to be achieving excellence by working with the best industry professionals and our communities, to enable the UK to meet Net Zero.

The Summit is organised by Energy Networks Association in association with BEIS, Innovate UK, Ofgem and Regen