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Making Electric Power Safer, More Reliable, and More Economical.

Electric power is everywhere—a constant rush of invisible activity behind all we do. We need it for everything from critical, life-saving operations to the most everyday tasks, like flipping a light switch.

Reliable electric power frees people’s minds; they don’t have to wonder if they’ll have electricity. They can put their energy into what matters to them, whether it’s growing a small business, providing the best surgical care, or going to work to support their families.

These efforts make up our communities, networks of people, environments, systems, and services that connect everyone on the planet. This global community relies on the electric power grid, which relies on its networks of components working together, each doing its part.

The devices we make at SEL are embedded in this grid. They prevent blackouts. They make outages safer and shorter in duration; they add cybersecurity, automation, and communication. They use cutting-edge technologies and operate at speeds that push other pieces of the grid to go faster.

We are a company of innovators, inventors, and problem solvers. Our mission is to make electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical so that future generations have the means to pursue an increasingly higher quality of life.