Advanced Infrastructure

At Advanced Infrastructure we help smart grid owners design and plan netzero energy systems with geospatially linked energy demand profiles. Our approach uses machine learning to connect 29 million energy customers to address and demographic datasets in order to build energy demand profiles which are x20 more accurate than the state-of-the-art.

We know the biggest bottleneck in smart grid deployment is in acquiring and analysing the data for project planning. Data that is siloed between property, demographics, and energy sectors, and that is impossible to mesh together. Our solution, validated with extensive user interviews, letters of intent and a growing core customer group of smart grid designers and network operators, has demonstrated a 50% reduction in the time and cost of data sourcing for smart grid design equating to an average of £10,000 per project. There are currently 8,000 such projects per year in the UK alone.

Our unique approach to this data, with the added value of high-resolution demand forecasting, allows us to support smart grid design and implementation in a way no one else can. Come speak to us and find out how we can help you progress your smart grid projects.

Why Attend ENIC 21?

The ENIC conference is the only event of its kind, designed to bring together energy network innovators and decision makers from across the UK. You’ll hear from top speakers in the industry and be able to meet your peers as well as visit an exhibition hall packed with companies offering cutting edge solutions.

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