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Wednesday 28 Sep9am-6.30pm Next

Opening address and plenary 9-10.15am

The opening plenary will set out the key themes of The Summit, with an emphasis on innovation and the importance of a collaborative, whole systems approach to achieving a just net zero transition.

David Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Networks Association
Jodie Giles, Head of Innovation – Prospering for the Energy Revolution, Innovate UK
Bailie Elaine Gallagher, Glasgow City Council
Guy Jefferson, Chief Operating Officer, SP Energy Networks
John McKiernan ESB
Maxine Frerk, Open Networks
Marzia Zafar, OFGEM
Jo Campbell, NIC
Matthew Billson, BEIS
Nicola Todd, National Grid

Track sessions 10.45am-12 noon


Commercialising innovation – how to

Projects often struggle to translate into commercial products and services that innovators can sell and consumers can benefit from. This session focusses on enablers and barriers to implementation of innovation into ‘business as usual’, and how networks and utilities can roll out innovation nationally and internationally.

Denise Massey, EIC
Alan McMorran, Open Grid Systems
Paul Padaruth, Innovate UK
Lily Beadle, Carbon Trust
David Wright, Director, Turquoise International Ltd Keiron Stopforth, Octopus
Charlotte Johnson, Chief of Staff, KrakenFlex


Resilience and lessons

This session will focus on the recent storms in the UK, the lessons learned from this experience, and what innovations are being implemented to improve resilience in the future.

Randolph Brazier, ENA
Eliane Algaard, SSEN
Prof. Keith Bell, University of Strathclyde
Paul Morris, National Grid Electricity Distribution
Iain Miller, NPg
Gillian Williamson, ENWL


Hydrogen whole systems in practice

This session will explore hydrogen as a case study of the whole systems challenge; it will explore how different actors are addressing the hydrogen challenge, where innovation and collaboration are happening, and the lessons for transforming whole systems.

Manu Ravishankar, Innovate UK
Danielle Stewart, National Grid
Imran Mohammed, SSEN-T
Neil Travers, NGN
Helen McColm, Head of Hydrogen Theme, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Keith Owen, NGN

Track sessions 2-3.15pm


International markets and reform

At a time when the energy market has rarely faced as much scrutiny and overhaul as it does now, there is a need to understand the opportunities to design a market for a just, net zero future. With reforms in the UK planned through REMA, and more fundamental questions being asked about how fit-for-purpose the current market truly is, this session explores upcoming UK reforms and what we can learn from international examples.

Dan Monzani, Director, Aurora
Marzia Zafar, Ofgem
Mike Ryan, Constantine Group
Rachel Cary (BEIS),
Isabel Sunnucks (ESO),
Philippe Vassilopoulos (EPEX Spot)
Scott Mathieson, SP Energy Networks


Engaging innovators in the energy transition

The UK has the opportunity to lead the energy transformation, becoming the Silicon Valley of net zero energy. This session will explore the opportunities for innovative start-ups and SMEs to bring their expertise to the energy transition, and look at how the resulting innovation can be scaled up by working with investors.

Ram Ramachander, Hitachi Europe Ltd
Ros Smith-Maxwell, Quinbrook
Jojo Hubbard, Electron
Somayeh Taheri, Urban Chain
Denise Massey, EIC


Enabling the heat transition

This session will discuss on the role that innovation is playing in heat decarbonisation, bringing together energy efficiency, low carbon heating technologies and new business models. It will review some of the latest innovation trials and projects, and sketch out a picture of how innovation can help us to overcome this critical challenge.

Dan Clarke, ENA
Angela Needle, Cadent
Hywel Lloyd, ABC
Charlotte Large, Equans
Stuart Fowler, National Grid Electricity Distribution
Dean Mason, Innovation Project Lead, UK Power Networks

Fireside chat: Fuel poverty and the just transition 4-4.30pm

One week on from The Summit, the energy price cap will rise again, creating new challenges for millions of households as we enter the winter months. With fuel poverty already soaring, this fireside will discuss the social, economic, and policy reality of fuel poverty from people working directly on the issue.

Dr Rebecca Ford, Chancellor’s Fellow, University of Strathclyde
Dr Danielle Butler, Senior Research and Policy Officer, National Energy Action
Connie Thorn, Senior Policy Researcher, Citizen’s Advice

Networking Reception 4.30-6.30pm

Sponsored by Arup

Thursday 29 Sep9.15am-5pm Next

Track sessions 9.15-10.30am


Ofgem's Innovation Link

Ofgem’s Innovation Link offers support on energy regulation to innovators looking to trial or launch new products, services, methodologies, or business models. In this session, innovators can hear insights directly from those involved with the Innovation Link for a behind-the-scenes deep dive into their experiences over the last five years, and find out more about the services on offer.

Kevin Baillie and Aiste Garnevicience, Ofgem


The power of data and digitalisation

This session will focus on innovation in data and digitalisation, exploring both how open data is becoming increasingly critical in enabling a wider range of actors to engage in the energy system, and the challenges that remain in fully realising the potential of a smarter energy system.

Tom Pollock, NGN
Sarah Hayes, CREDO
Maurice Lynch, ENW
Jonathan Barcroft, NGESO
Matt Webb, UKPN
Iain Divers, SP Energy Networks


Vulnerability and the just transition

This session will explore the role of innovation and network investment in facilitating a just energy transition and delivering affordable, clean energy to consumers. It will unpack the innovation already happening to support vulnerable people and communities, where key challenges remain, and how we can work together not just to avoid leaving anyone behind, but to unlock the wider social and economic potential of the moment.

Fraser Stewart, Regen
Simon O'Loughlin, SSEN
Dhara Vyas, EnergyUK
Sian Rowlands, WWU
Matt Cole, Head, Fuel Bank Foundation

Track sessions 11.15am-12.30pm


Diversity and skills in innovation

We cannot hope to rise to the challenge of innovating to achieve net zero without engaging the talents of all of society. In this challenge session, we will debate how to break down barriers to people from diverse backgrounds bringing their talents and skills to energy system innovation.

Lucy Ritchie, EU Skills
Frank Mitchell, chair of Skills Development Scotland
James Yu, SP Energy Networks
Marzia Zafar, Ofgem


Networks and environment

Energy networks have a crucial role to play in achieving net zero, not just in the energy system, but in the work that they do and practices they use. What are the key challenges of decarbonising as a sector, and how can we innovate to overcome those?

Albena Ivanova, Climate Champions
Graham Campbell, SPEN
Liza Troshka, National Grid Electricity Distribution
Bridgit Hartley, NGGT
Andrew Dillon, Energy Networks Australia
Steven Thompson, National Grid


Transport and the energy system

Transport has the highest emissions of any sector. Decarbonisation is going to involve significant societal change, changing when, why and how we travel. This session will look at the energy system implications of this massive undertaking, and how it can be enabled by innovation in a fair and just way.

Josey Wardle, Innovate UK
Nick Evans, SPEN
David Gill, NGN
Anu Tiwari, NGESO
Matt Hindle, WWU
Claire Weiller, Fermata Energy

Fireside chat: Local area energy planning 2-2.30pm

In this fireside chat, Guy Newey, CEO at Energy Systems Catapult, and Cheryl Hiles, Director of Energy Capital at West Midlands Combined Authority, will discuss the role of cities and regions in our transition to net zero, with a particular focus on Local Area Energy Planning (LAEP).

Guy Newey, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Systems Catapult
Cheryl Hiles, Director of Energy Capital, West Midlands Combined Authority

Fireside chat: Net zero power in operation 2.30-3pm

In this fireside, we will hear from Transformation Director of the Future System Operator (FSO), Kayte O’Neil, about how the Electricity System Operator (ESO) and Gas System Operator (GSO) are innovating and adapting to meet the challenges, and maximise the opportunities, of a fully net zero electricity system by 2035. Are they moving fast enough, and what more can they do to give the UK government confidence? How will the move from the ESO/GSO to the FSO help deliver this? And how does the role of the DSO complement this?

Merlin Hyman, Regen
Anne Marie Liszczyk, NGESO
Sotiris Georgiopoulos, UKPN

Track sessions 3-4.15pm


Cross-sector sharing

Great energy ideas often come from unexpected places. Working across different sectors to identify and utilise the best solutions is critical to delivery of net zero. This session focusses on how the energy sector can work more collaboratively with adjoining sectors such as water, defence, transport, telco, finance and robotics.

Paul Clarke, Independant Advisor
Chris Bagley, KTN UK
Jeannette Henderson, Ofwat
Ahmed Sabir, Business Engagement Manager, Scotland 5G
Sarah Tennison, Green Finance, Innovate UK
Liz Gregory, High Value Manufacturing Catapult
Nick Wright, Director Market Development, Digital Catapult


Flexibility: demand

Focussing on the demand side of the energy system, this session will introduce the view of a future smart and flexible system with engaged consumers across commercial, industry and domestic sectors, and unpack just how we go about getting there.

Emma Burns, Flexitricity
Rebecca Hassall-Lees, ENW
Gerard Boyd, SP Energy Networks
James Whitemore,Cadent
Michael Wagner, Afry


Local energy

Local energy is playing an increasing role within the wider energy system. This session will explore the innovation required to facilitate local energy systems on a wider scale, the role of local authorities and other stakeholders within that process, and where, if and how Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) can fit within a fully decarbonised, stable, and secure GB energy system.

Rob Saunders, Innovate UK
Cheryl Hiles, WMCA
Mel Bryce, SSEN
Jen Pride, Welsh Government
Helen Seagrave, Community Energy England
Kirstin Gardner, SGN