Butterfly Data

Exhibiting at Innovation Hub

Data Driven Intelligence is changing the way we all do business, as consumers, suppliers, and marketers. Add a new dimension to your business by exploring your data.

Discover: First we take a look at what data you keep and what you could be recording in a more structured way. Then we see what external data can be added to enrich the picture you have.

Derive: Then we join up the datasets. This is a more exploratory phase of work where lots of different approaches can be tried, to see what areas of commonality there are within the data sources.

Display: The clever part. Now we have this mass of data, what patterns can we find? What's the best way to segment the data? Are there any unexpected links between data and behaviour? Can we build a model based on that and use it for better targeting?

The Summit is organised by Energy Networks Association in association with Department for Energy and Net Zero, Innovate UK and Ofgem