Helios 7 Energy Systems

Exhibiting at K1

In 2010 I started thinking about technological approaches to solving the enviromental pollution problems and energy systems , which is a very steep learning curve , as you have to try and understand which technology works best for the enviroment ,and in 2014 developed the concept of the sequential oxygen combustion system to convert wastes into a liquid methane fuel to replace fossil fuel use . Since then It has been further improved in its thermal and electrical efficiencies , and i am confident , that when integrated with waste processing and biodigestion systems , that sequential oxygen combustion will offer both high energy outputs/efficient electricity transmission grids suitable for developed economies as well as a route for the combustion of wastes to much safer molecules than current combustion systems can achieve The company is looking for a suitable energy or engineering companies (the power stations are expected to be 100MW plus), to develope/engineer the test devices , and then progress the designs on to high quality final products that will both change energy systems and be built and deployed around the globe.

The Summit is organised by Energy Networks Association in association with Department for Energy and Net Zero, Innovate UK and Ofgem